How to Start an Exercise Routine Without Falling Apart

We are talking about constancy, no doubt, but also about knowledge and effort, enthusiasm and creativity, nutrition and caution.

How can we combine beginning and routine without the result inviting us to faint in the attempt?

Words have their specific weight and, if we talk about starting or resuming the sport activity, there is no doubt: start adds and routine subtracts.

The secret is in the combination and correct dosage of both factors. The mixture is decisive when starting an exercise routine that, with perseverance, sooner rather than later, will bear fruit.

Of course, in order to achieve the objectives, it is necessary to walk a path where enthusiasm, perseverance, creativity and diet will be essential partners.

If the intention is to start an exercise routine or resume it, it is clear that there is a motivation behind it, an impulse whose strength must be used to the fullest; above all, after the first moments, those of the initial enthusiasm, which, although one tends to think the opposite, are usually very brief and give way to a deflation that often leads directly to abandonment.

Who is not familiar with starting routines at the beginning of the new year and leaving them before the end of the first month, or at the beginning of the week and not arriving on the following Monday?

Enthusiasm is an essential factor, but if you only have it, you’d better forget about your goals.

To start an exercise routine and not give up trying, you have to mix the ingredients in the most profitable way for each of you. The ingredients are the same, the container and not the quantities, they vary depending on the person who is going to perform the sport activity, his availability, his physical preparation, his objectives and the time and dedication he has to achieve them.

Now, we are on the right track to start an exercise routine and not give up trying, let’s continue.

  1. The first step is to visualize the goal you want to achieve, whatever it is.
    On the way to achieving it, you will see that exercise also makes you feel better, leads to a healthier life and eliminates possible daily tensions. Make a note of these three things in case there are moments of weakness and make an effort to retain positive feelings.
  2. With the objective in mind, we move on to the next step: assess your personal physical condition.
    There is no one case like another, don’t forget or you could be flirting with injuries or premature abandonment to follow the rhythm of that friend, the friend’s sister-in-law or the second uncle of the neighbor of the fifth who is a machine. You’re going to make it, take your time and use your resources in a healthy way, it’s worth investing in personal assets rather than risking high-risk operations with no guarantee of success just because you’ve been tipped off.
  3. The third step is perhaps the simplest and, at the same time, the most complicated.
    It all depends on how you are going to design your workouts and there it would be very good to have a professional to guide you, someone who has done the workout before you and who knows how to adapt your physical condition to the objective you want to achieve, someone who helps you design your workout, the essence of your workout.

And not just any board that is adapted to your physical condition is good enough. It must also be motivating, interesting and, if you hurry, fun, someone you want to meet and spend time with. A good sports routine has to enter your life dazzling you as much for what it can promise you, if you are persistent, as for the time you are going to share. Believe me, suffering alone to achieve a healthy goal does not mix well and never works. Let yourself be guided.

The fourth step is diet.
The right diet that moves mountains, if you didn’t know that this is the ideal time to check it out. You have the goal, you know your physical condition and you have a routine specifically designed for you. Now you have to feed that body that will give you so much joy just by persisting in that exercise routine.

The moment you have chosen to carry out your exercise routine determines your diet so that you do not lose heart in the attempt, literally. For example, if you have chosen to work out in the morning, don’t even think about skipping breakfast, a light meal thirty minutes or an hour before the activity can work miracles.

We leave the fifth step for the end, which is not a step because it is divided equally among the other four.

Without it, they stay in nothing, they vanish, they disappear. The fifth step is called constancy, first cousin of patience and commitment – with a proposal, a ring and everything – and optimism, whether or not there is a wedding, it only depends on you.